Oil Cooled Distribution Transformer

Distribution Transformer with Off Circuit Tap Changer

RANGE : Upto 5000 KVA in 11 & 33 KV Class.

Indian Energy Solution covers a wide range of Oil Filled Distribution Transformers with Off Circuit Tap Changer (up to 5000 KVA in 11 KV & 33 KV Class) conforming to the international standards of quality and safety. These transformers are designed and developed using latest technologies and can be provided with a variety of terminations so as to suit the requirements for new installation or replacement.

Optimum efficiency is ensured by delicate proportioning of core and winding looses using CRGO M3 to M5 MOH Lamination, Electrolytic Grade 99.9% pure copper, with Transposition in L.V. coil for current sharing in parallel Conductors, Electric grade press paper, boards and mineral oil. Thus better regulation is achieved resulting in longer life. Careful designing also reduces noise level to the minimum.

Standard Specifications

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Standard Fittings

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Optional Features

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